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​​Surrey Ventures (“Surrey”) is a family-based investment vehicle for the Zisk family based in Dallas, Texas.   Surrey is primarily a “seed” stage investor partnering with proven management teams to create, build and manage exceptional companies. 

Surrey invests in technology, retail, apparel, manufacturing and similar industries with a focus on value beyond the dollars and cents.  In all of Surrey’s relationships, there is a commitment to honesty, integrity and highly ethical practices.

Surrey identifies, invests and mentors “seed” stage companies with the ultimate goal of accelerating growth in their products, revenue and profit.  Surrey reduces “start-up burden” by providing administrative support to its investments as well as delivering strategic direction and mentorship at a key growth stage.  When ready, Surrey establishes relationships between its investments and Series A investors.  These initiatives aim to lower the risk of “seed investing” and promote solid entrepreneurial enterprises to the next stage, culminating in a successful Series A financing round with a third party.

​​​​Surrey Ventures partners with proven management teams to create, build and manage exceptional companies.


Old Parkland, Reagan Place

3963 Maple Ave., Suite 300

Dallas TX 75219 US




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