Surrey Ventures is a family-based investment vehicle built on core values of honesty, integrity and highly ethical practices.  We take a long-term view of investing without the pressure of creating an exit strategy.  

Our goals:

  • build exceptional companies,
  • create jobs and careers
  • provide support to management teams allowing them to perform above expectations
  • ​do the "right thing" everyday.

Our strategy:

  • find management teams that are emotionally committed 
  • provide a capital structure that encourages growth
  • provide experience, mentoring and support
  • ​monitor and react

Exit strategy:

  • we don't believe in predetermining an exit strategy
  • we believe that if we build a company with solid fundamentals, an exit strategy will appear at the right time. 

About us

The "Formula"

Mentoring Strategies

Mr. Zisk has had a successful start-up career and will use his experience to assist each Venture.  A few of Mr. Zisk’s strategies include:


  • Create a culture – cultures can be different between Ventures to fit the personality of the CEO and the specific business but there needs to be a culture and teams need to understand and accept the culture.
  • “Every customer is your only customer” – customers never want to hear about other customers, they want to feel like they are your only customer.
  • “Everything makes a difference” – every associate (employee) needs to know that they make a difference and that everything they do makes a difference.
  • Create credibility – do what you say you will do.
  • In business-to-business ventures, the CEO should give his cell phone number to his customers and assure them that he/she is available 24/7.

Core Business Disciplines

  • “Performance is paramount” – customer’s expectations need to be exceeded and reported.  In-depth reporting should be shared with customers.  Sharing puts pressure on the Venture to perform.
  • The CEO and team must have a disciplined approach to financial accountability, including a solid budget and timely monthly reporting against the budget.
  • Understanding the business “drivers” and monitoring the drivers to meet a financial forecast.
  • Understanding your customer’s needs and providing services that satisfy those needs.  Use a close customer relationship to expand a service offering, then role out the service to other customers.
  • Understand the relationship between capital, growth and profitability.  Try to achieve profitability through managed growth with minimal capital.
  • Stay focused – it’s acceptable to have new ideas but they need to work within the overall business plan.  The Venture should not lose sight of its original goals and stated objectives.
  • Quarterly (and sometimes monthly) company meetings are important in order to share updates with teams and ensure buy-in from all employees.Bonus programs where the bonus “pool” is funded from actual company profits can drive positive performance for customers and the Venture.

Surrey anticipates investing its capital in early stage companies; followed by day-to-day hands-on involvement.  The objective is to reduce the typical risk of “seed” investing and to create higher valuations moving into a Series A round.  The primary focus for each company will be Product, Revenue and Profit.

The process generally will include:

  • Review potential investments from organic network, accelerators and venture capital firms of “vetted” start-up companies.
  • Have multiple meetings with potential investments, perform due diligence and select companies that Surrey believes are worthy of an investment (each a “Venture”).
  • Invest $250,000 - $500,000 in each Venture.
  • Surrey management will join the Board of the Venture.
  • Jeff Zisk will provide hands-on mentoring with each Venture (see “Mentoring Strategies” below).
  • Surrey will provide “shared services” to reduce each Venture’s need to spend time and attention on non-essential areas of their business.
  • Surrey will work with each Venture’s CEO to deliver against a multi-level business plan focused on Product, Revenue and Profits.
  • Surrey will establish relationships with Series A investors in order to help each Venture realize a successful Series A investment at a higher valuation than if Surrey wasn’t involved.
  • The intent of Surrey is to have Jeff Zisk’s Board role in each Venture continue after a successful Series A investment. In certain situations, Jeff Zisk may be the Chairman of the Board and continue these duties after a Series A investment.